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The Munsters

coffin wipe! cute/funny/psychotronic/beautiful; rob zombies crimes of the future. love the corny old-timey jokes (car 54) and cartoon logic & richard brake is just the best actor. not as terror-toony weedjies/moonbeam as promised by the trailer (despite being shot subspecies-style in the actual castles of budapest) cuz its something even better - rob loves horror, the munsters, his friends & his wife, not in word, nor tongue, but in deed & in truth.

The Munsters

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I was a little disappointed in the early part of the movie. I thought I was going to blow. But zombie did put his unusual, psychotic twist in it. So, like all of his movies, even though the munsters was a bit different from the show, I enjoyed the movie. 041b061a72


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