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Places That Buy Used Furniture In Phoenix

Whether you are buying a new home, moving, or simply replacing used furniture, Turn Style Consignment Stores, with locations in Minnesota, Colorado and Arizona can help you out. We take pride in our selection of used (but in like-new condition!) furniture. Find everything you need to furnish your home with couches, chairs and tables that perfectly complement your personal style, all at prices much more affordable than your typical furniture store.

places that buy used furniture in phoenix

Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs has been purchasing quality used office furniture in the valley since 1986. We buy truckloads of office furniture weekly from small, medium, and large companies that are either upgrading their office furniture, relocating, downsizing, consolidating operations or going out of business. Over the years we have purchased used office furniture from thousands of businesses including many Fortune 500 companies.

We are professionals when it comes to office furniture and your business. We know the importance of timeliness, discretion, and working with a responsive team that will get the job on time and for the right price. We are fully insured and capable of removing (and installing) any office furniture item you have, whether it be a small office chair or 100 large u-shape desks, we can handle it without leaving any trace we were ever there.

Note for national liquidations: We do not purchase used furniture nationally in less than truckload quantities due to prohibitively high shipping costs. If you have a semi-trailer or more of quality used office furniture we may be interested in purchasing it and would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Due to the logistics and high costs of purchasing office furniture out of state, we require at least a tractor trailer worth of office furniture to consider starting the liquidation process.If you have a large amount of office furniture that you are interested in liquidating, please fill out the form on this page or email an excel sheet with the inventory, along with photos of the items to: info@azoffice.comCONTINUE

The Red & Black has compiled a few ways to get rid of used furniture that will help clear your space of unwanted items, while minimizing the chances your old sofa or coffee table ends up in the landfill.

Fourth Addition sells and services all office furniture needs. We specialize in used office furniture. We offer cubicles, case goods, seating, conference tables, files, benchung and more. We sell and install office furniture Nationwide.

If you rely heavily on reviews before making a large purchase, then OfferUp is for you. OfferUp is an app you can download on your phone to find used furniture in your area (as well as other items) and make an offer with the click of a button. Curious how that seller ranks? Just click on their profile and read reviews from previous buyers before you proceed. Just be sure to shop smart. Experts recommend meeting buyers in a safe meet-up spot.

There are several places to turn your stuff into cash and even selling your used furniture can be done online. The list of websites and apps are growing rapidly, which means you have an incredible opportunity to sell just about anything.

Although Etsy does allow for furniture sales in certain situations, their parameters for used furniture selling are pretty limited. Etsy is great for selling and buying handmade and other items. In fact, I love browsing Etsy especially when shopping for gift items. But when it comes to selling furniture your options are limited.

Selling on Craigslist can be a super fast way to get cash for your used furniture and not have to pay any commissions or listing/selling fees. You can also try expanding your ability to sell on these 27 other sites similar to Craigslist.

These next sites are worth mentioning and will only increase the exposure for you to sell your used furniture. Remember, the more eyes you can get on your items, the better the sale price will be for you.

Varage Sale is a site allowing you to sell your used furniture and other items online and list by state or city. The tagline says Created by a mom, for people who feel hesitant about buying and selling online.

Feel free to add in other information that might make buyers feel more comfortable too. One of the big fears people have with buying used furniture is that there have been the usual life challenges damage to it: kids throwing up on it or soaking through a diaper, beer and soda spills, etc.

AptDeco is a new used furniture platform based in New York City that takes much of the hassle out of buying large items secondhand: It sets up insured delivery (currently available in the five boroughs of NYC) and handle the payment. Its curated collection of used furniture is also much easier to wade through than Craigslist. Check it out here.

1st Dibs is one of the top online marketplaces for high-end vintage and antique furniture, jewelry, and fashion. The price points are usually high, but if you're looking for a replica of Marie Antoinette's chartreuse velvet settee, this is the place to go. Visit here.

In addition to Mason jar cocktail shakers and Game of Thrones embroidery samplers, Etsy is also a great place to buy used and vintage furniture. There's a lot to wade through, but using the price, color, and ship-to filters can also help narrow it down. Get started here.

FleaPop is an online market for both used and new furniture. Sellers can create "shops" for free, similar to Etsy, and FleaPop charges a 6% commission. Buyers can shop by item, location or style and payment is taken through the website with Paypal. Get poppin' here.

Currently operating in the Bay Area and Raleigh-Durham (with plans to expand), Move Loot is a startup that serves as a used furniture warehouse and marketplace. To set themselves apart for buyers, Move Loot actually picks up the items that are approved for sale and holds them until they sell at a warehouse for up to 60 days. After that, sellers can either pay to have the item returned or donate to a local charity. Items are reduced 40% after 30 days and buyers have the option of offering a lower price at any time that the seller must approve. Check out the site here.

Many of us have collected pieces of furniture over the course of years, leaving us with a hodgepodge of furniture. We end up with furniture items that don't go together, they are outdated, or broken. If you look at items of furniture in your home and sigh in disappointment, there is hope. There are endless opportunities for those old and odd things. Before you call us to haul away those old pieces of furniture, think through your options before you decide to toss them out.

There comes a time when you just have to get rid of that old couch ( we'll explain later how you can properly dispose of it). However, many times, you can give that old piece of furniture new life. Don't be so quick to throw it out. Here's a few ideas.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps build safe and affordable homes for families who need them. They work in all 50 states across the U.S., as well as 70 countries internationally. In addition, they also act as a furniture pickup and donation center.

Items that Pick Up Please accepts: Acceptable donations include gently-used household goods, clothing, toys, electronics, and smaller furniture, such as nightstands and office chairs.

Donating items you no longer use is a great way to get organized and make your packing process easier. Different companies have made the process even easier by offering free furniture donation pickup. Apart from making life easier on your end, your contributions to a donation company can empower and assist those that would benefit from your gently used furniture, clothes, and home goods.

Many local charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity will take gently used furniture. You can also use the app NextDoor Neighbor to see if anyone is in need or wants free furniture. Lastly, you could check with local civic or church groups, as some have furniture banks.

Apps focused on connecting you with the local community have the advantage of lower fees - these apps are often entirely free of charge since cash in hand is used instead of online payment.However, arranging meetups with customers can be a hassle. You may find that people express interest in your items but stop replying to your messages; they might even fail to turn up when you agree to meet them.The app you choose depends on your priorities and the kinds of items you want to sell. With such a variety available to download, you're bound to find something that suits your needs.

You can sell all kinds of home items, but they aren't as popular as the items I just mentioned. Home decor will sell, but you typically have to price it pretty low to get it to move. Furniture will generally get sold eventually, but it can take a while because it isn't as easy for people just to come and pick up the item, they might have to arrange to borrow a trailer or truck to fit the furniture. And shipping costs make the alternative prohibitively expensive.Selling used DVDs and physical books are the toughest items to sell because they are a dying medium, and everyone is trying to sell them!If you're actually trying to turn "selling stuff" into a side hustle rather than a decluttering project, check out our post on retail arbitrage. 041b061a72


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