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How to Master Pocket Tanks with 45 Unique Weapons

The main competitor to Pocket Tanks is Shell Shocks, which is extremely similar to Pocket Tanks in its plays and environment. In Shell Shock too, you can customize tanks to destroy the environment and add new features and weapons by buying expansion packs. However, up to 8 players can play Shell Shock and more layers and levels are available. Other artillery games are PubG, World of Tanks, Battle Tanks, Atomic Tanks, Scorched Earth, Duel of Tanks, and Gravitee Wars.

pocket tanks


Description : A great basic top for spring and summer which does double duty as a layering piece in fall and winter. This top features a tiny pocket as well as bust darts and a relaxed fit below the bust. Suitable for many fabrics, dress it down for day in cotton chambray or make it fancy with a printed silk.

if u mean pt then go to and download lime wire the use it to get pocket tanks you can also use this to get expansion packs(don't select any thing that says some thing like horny pocket tanks or sexy pocket tanks they are virus)

We don't mean to brag, but this pocket active tank might just take the cake for tops. It certainly takes your essentials with you, thanks to the side pocket detail. It's low hip length offers generous coverage around your core so feel free to move how you want. Scoop neckline, built in shelf bra with medium support and adjustable crisscross straps make it truly a sport-ready essential.

Single ShotThe default weapon, medium sized explosion and good pointsBig ShotLarge explosion radius, but points are low3 Shot3 bullet spread, medium explosion size, low points per explosion5 Shot5 bullet spread, medium explosion size, very low points per explosionJackhammerBullet bounces straight up 5 times... lots of fun to useHeatseekerIf the bullet gets close to the opponents tank, it flies toward itTracerFires a spread of 5 bullets that tell you how much to change your angle for the next turnPile DriverSmall amount of damage, but explosions are directed down creating a holeDirt MoverDirectional dirt removal based on the angle when firedCrazy IvanProximity-based multi-warhead with unusual yet fun resultsSpiderSpider web effect that sprays the closest tank when it goes offSniper RifleNo explosion radius, large points, throws the tank nicely, deadlyMagic WallVertical wall will grow where the bullet landsDirt SlingerV-shape dirt effect based on location where bullet landsZapperLaser beam emits from bullet if it gets close to tankNapalmExploding liquid that covers and burns everything caught in its wakeHail StormHundreds of bouncing ice pellets that flow along the groundGround HogGround weapon that tunnels through the dirt and explodes on other sideWormGround weapon that tunnels through dirt, but tries to dig upwardHoming WormSame as worm, but stops when it passes under tank and rises upwardSkipperSkips a number of times before explodingChain ReactionRandom explosions in the general area where the bullet landedPineappleShell explodes when close to a tank, emitting a large number of tiny explosionsFirecrackerHorizontal spread of explosions based on where the bullet landsHoming MissileStops horizontal speed when it passes over a tankDirtballDirt forms where bullet landsTommy GunA very satisfying automatic machine gun-style weaponMountain MoverExplosion removes dirt, but takes no points from tankScatter Shot5 bullets spread upward where bullet landsCruiserBullet 'cruises' along terrain for a few seconds before explodingJump JetsTank will fly into the air based on angle and power (power divided by 4)Mud PieHuge amount of dirtball bullets thrown into the airPin CushionSimilar to Pineapple, but each resulting mini-bullet is a ZapperLaser BatteryLasers target the area where bullet lands, and fire in a circle surrounding itCannon BallMetal sphere bounces and rolls along ground, no explosion but lots of points awardedWacky TankRandomly changes the angle and power of the tank that's hitDiggerNarrow tunnel is dug into ground based on the angle firedGlue BombCovers ground with glue. It counteracts Bouncy Dirt, and stops cruiser-based weaponsFission BombMultiple upwardly splitting warheads with huge area of effect & huge damageLate BloomerSimilar to Ground Hog, but launches 5 bullets when it emerges from the groundFire BoltFlying fireball that only burns for so long, so get it there quick for more damageColor BombEmits a huge rainbow of bouncy bullets when it gets close to a tankPotholesGreat for ripping the terrain apart and trapping tanks in holes. Very large area of effectBoomerangCruiser weapon that comes back when it lands... so don't hit yourselfPopcornMany little bullets that sputter across terrain causing damage, but no explosionsSprinklerIt's as easy to hit yourself with this weapon as it is to hit someone elseWell DiggerDigs you out of 'any' amount of dirt that may be covering your tankBouncy DirtTiny pink balls of liquid rubber cover the ground, making the dirt reflect bulletsSuper TracerSpread of 10 tracer bullets that tell you how much to change your angleMinigunMachine gun bullets with small explosions and decent damageLaserA bullet that will go straight as an arrow out of the turretSuper SkipperBullet that skips a large number of times before explodingCrater MakerOnce the biggest explosion in the game; still pretty good points though.Big DirtballThe Dirtball's big brotherSuper ZapperA super-charged version of the Zapper with more point and a much further reachCruballA cruising DirtballMega CruiserA Cruiser with a big explosion and lots of pointsRollerCruiser-based weapon that only rolls downhillHeavy RollerA Roller with big explosion and big pointsFlash BlastExplosion scorches ground and extracts points, but leaves dirtNukeMedium explosion size, but the hardest hitting weapon in the gameMega NukeHuge explosion size, but not quite as powerful as the NukePillow FightDirect damage on impact, with exploding feathers for splash damageSink and SwimThe enemy tank 'sinks' into a hole, as hail showers them from aboveHotfootAn underground weapon with timed detonation + upwardly multiplying warheadsAmbushSurround your opponent with cruisersBeehiveA swarming hive of bees that attacks if tank is too closeBlast OffMore powerful than Jump Jets, and clears away terrain near youFire in the HoleMakes a big hole, fills it full of Napalm, then covers with dirtLob-o-MaticMissile that bombs the target when it gets closeRainbow DirtCovers a large area of terrain with a thin layer of dirtSuper LaserStraight laser shot, but burns through many layers of terrain (4x)Ground ShockerLarge spread of underground tunneling missilesBouncy WallBuilds a wall made of rubberized dirtLodestonesLots of magnetic bulletsParticle BombExplodes near tank, releasing burning shrapnel in all directionsMagic ForestGrows a forest of mini Magic WallsBuckshotBurst of little bullets that spread out the further they travelQuad MissileFour small missiles release at a distance, then home inCarpet BombDifficult to miss at a distance, very powerful with line-of-sightFlamethrowerA huge spray of flaming napalmSkimmerOn impact, two bullets fly out horizontally and ricochet off terrainVolcanoMassive eruption that throws fire and debris everywherePedestalPuts the tank up on a high pedestalFire StormMultiple explosions with a sea of bouncing fireballsMeteor ShowerCalls down a rain of meteors from the skyRoman CandleSix sparkling flares all fired in the same pathFlying DiggerDigs into the ground where the missile landsCometExplodes on contact into six highly bouncy fragmentsSunburnExplodes near tank, fires laser beams that bounce off terrainRiptideSends out a horizontal wave of reflective missilesBuzzsawChews up the terrain as it bounces alongStatic BallBouncy object that 'shocks' any nearby tanksMystery BombsFour randomly diving bullets, larger than average explosionsFlower PowerTunneling missile that spreads multicolored bouncing bombsTurn and BurnSets the fuse near your tank then rockets you to safetyDome ProtectA dome of dirt generates around your tankBackfireA random tank teleporter with a twistOld FaithfulExtremely powerful version of the Hail StormBouncy BombBig crater with lots of bouncy dirt, the perfect setupChaos GrenadeBouncing grenade that launches random weapons (powerful)Tar BallCreates a pitch black ball that traps tanks in hard-to-see terrainLightning StrikeBolts of lightning radiate in all directions, large area of effectAcid RainA cloud forms that rains bullets, will stop over opponents tanksPorcupineProjectiles cut through any defense to hit fortified opponentsPower GridComplex grid of electricity forms to shock tanks near the outer edgeShadow BlastCauses damage and chars the ground pitch blackX-Ray CannonUnstoppable spread of laser beams that cut through terrainBazookaLine-of-sight weapon with huge damage and explosion sizeLucky ShotClears a path before launching, then fires heat-seeking missileShelterCreates a dome of bouncy dirt, then digs tunnel to fire fromFire + IceHighly volatile bouncing fire/ice combinationAnvilDrops from above, damaging tank and sinks it into the groundFlareThree warheads trigger when bullet starts to dropSuper FlareMore powerful version of Flare with five warheadsFractureCreates unstable holes in ground, often putting tanks in a bad spotClaymoreShrapnel explodes outward charring terrain, powerful with direct hitPhantomSwarming unstoppable bullets surround tank in just about any spotEarth MoverThe very big brother to the Mountain Mover, huge dirt removalFlakGenerates an arc of flak that hovers in the direction you aimFireballSuper DX-Ball's Fireball power-up makes a cross-over appearanceFlea CircusLots of 'flea' bots hop around looking for a reason to explodeSuper StarFlying star explodes into 3 pieces then orbits and fires at tankDrillersMultiple warheads become homing missiles when undergroundGamma BlasterMagnetized gamma radiation particles fly through air and terrainGravity WellColorful swirl of energy that causes all sorts of troubleHot PotatoKeep it hopping... the more it bounces, the bigger the bangFunnelTrap an enemy tank in a steep valley made of bouncy dirtCrazy WallIt's a wall, it's a weapon, and it's a little bizarreBurnt PopcornFiery Popcorn weapon that really heats things upFireworksColorful pyrotechnic display that can pack a serious wallopSuper NovaHuge 'star' burst of bullets that travels through land and airGreat WallBuilds "The Mother of All Walls", from the bottom to the very topSnowblowerCover your 'neighbor' in a thick layer of the fluffy stuffLava CannonBurns through the terrain and starts fires along the waySolar FlareBullets rain down across the playfield, being underground is smart10 ShotTypical 'shot' weapon that includes ten warheadsStingerMassive 'V' of bullets that is very useful and very dangerousMega ReactionNuclear enhanced Chain Reaction weapon, extremely powerfulAnt FarmFlying and digging warheads create 'ant hills' around enemy tankSonic BlastMassive shockwaves rip through both land and airRockslideBoulders tumble downhill, damaging and burying opponentsLightning RodCalls lightning down from on highStar DustDust flies everywhere causing damage and confusing sensorsWater BalloonsLaunch a barrage of water-filled balloons... you'll love it!SnowballsA barrage of snowballs bounce and roll downhillSledgehammerVertical homing shot that packs a punchCollide-o-scopeColorful, bouncing and homing chain of bulletsNeon BlastBright flashes of light confuse and damage the opponentIslandCarves out a floating island from the terrainGolden BulletThirty duds and one lucky golden bullet that you won't forgetMelt DownCreates a sinkhole in the ground and fills it with lavaStreamersTons of streaming bullets that bounce everywhereMass DriverSummons an asteroid from orbit... head for cover!Molten PlasticCovers the terrain with burning bouncy dirtSpinnerColorful wheel of light that causes damageFlying DiscsReleases an armada of flying saucers that zapPhaserLaser weapon that can't miss if you have a clear line-of-sightShredderMakes the terrain impossible to move across and causes damageAqua BombThe fuse is lit, and someone is going to get drenchedTunnelCreates a tunnel all the way across the screenLavaTurns the terrain into molten lava and throws it into the airBouncy BallJumps around like a super ball, leaving bouncy dirt behindLaser StrikeCAUTION: Laser radiation - do not stare into beam(s)WhiplashThe bullets take a second shot if they missed the first timeFuzz BallBouncing energy ball that sheds magnetic 'fuzz' bombsBurning RubberFlaming molten rubber that coats the terrainSide KickBullets fire from the sides of the playfieldBlockadeEncase enemy tank in a hollow shellStun GunTwo bullets are launched, spreading out over timeTornadoCruises along ground, damages terrain, and sends tanks flyingThor's HammerLightning strikes tank from flying hammerStampede"Herd" of cruisers cover the ground, bouncing tanks aroundHot CoalsBlack char bursts into flames and bouncing hot coalsFizz BombsCaustic smoke is released from bombs that fizz and pop aboutGravitonBullets attack tank, pounding it in 'all' directions... my favorite!ShieldBouncy arc forms over your tank, leaving room to fireFireflyLooks like a calm summer night, and about as dangerousGlue StormCoats the entire terrain with glueGlue GunFires burning glue when bullet nears enemy tankRun 'n' GunBullet bounces and rapid fires directly at enemy tankScorcherMassive fire ball flies through air and covers groundSaucer AttackCall down two flying saucers on the enemy tankTractor BeamDrags tanks out from far underground and into the skySmoke BombReleases caustic smoke and messes with controlsNanobotsA high tech 'cube' bursts into a swarm of robots with lasersPhase MissileMissile phases through dirt and orbits tank for bonus damageGyro GlueSwirling and burning glue with a large area of effectWarp GateWormhole + explosive objects from the 8th dimension appearTesla CoilTurns the enemy tank into the center of an epic lightning eventMagic BeansColorful seeds that explode and sprout wallsGrab BagThere's no telling what will happen when it hitsRailgunDisintegration ray that also cuts through terrainSand StormDust cloud forms and buries an area in sandLemonThis weapon is a 'lemon'. Hope you don't get it!Acid BombsCorrosive acid that eats through all types of terrainChroma BlasterColorful spectrum of bouncy missilesCauldronUnderground weapon that stop under tank and boils it in oilZipperZig zagging weapon that is one part skill and two parts luckBubble WrapThe ultimate sphere of protection from both land and airChalk DustCalcium bicarbonate has never been so much funMowerCuts terrain and any nearby tanks down to sizeTrailblazerLeaves behind a dazzling and dangerous trail of particlesBulldozerClears a layer of dirt from the entire screenLead BalloonDoesn't fly very far at 'any' power, but very explosiveDive BombWarhead does a bombing run on the other tankToasterLightly toasts a rather large area of the terrainTime BombBouncing bomb that counts down from 10 to 1 then explodesBurn BarrelCan of gas that bounces, burns, rolls and explodesCharLarge spray of red particles burn the terrainPop RocketUnderground rocket that launches tanks into the airSky StrikeTank becomes flying target practice for homing missilesPower WasherPowerful stream of water targets your opponentCheap ShotTeleports a bomb directly on top of the other tankBlackoutNeigh invisible bullet that shrouds area with darknessSpace LaserPowerful orbiting satellite fires at targeting beaconBunker BusterUnstoppable missile that literally cuts through any defenseBushwhackOrdinary shrubbery + ACME plant food = dangerRepeaterFireworks effect with a bit of a kickPuddle JumperSplashes trouble everywhere it landsElevatorLifts your tank above ground and onto a hovering platformBreakoutDigs huge tunnel and jettisons your tank before dirt collapsesOrbiterLaser lightshow that orbits and attacksBouncy TunnelCreates a long tunnel with bouncy wallsBarrageLaunches salvo of missiles that home-in on targetFire HoseMake the other tank "drink from the fire hose!"BumpersBuilds huge bouncy walls that cover the sides of the screenWebEmits a spectacular tangle of webs to trip up your opponentBlowtorchAt close range, sweeps the area with burning flamesMudslideErupts from the ground with a shower of dirtParty PopperSuper-sized party favor with exploding confetti and streamersTorpedoTurns land into water as it flies through it, highly explosiveDazzlerColorful blasts and vivid effects that daze and confuseTrick ShotBouncing and homing mini sniper bulletGlue StickCreates a wall out of burning hot glue, with splash damageBubble BlastTrapped in a bubble, tanks float in a sea of sudsSpectra LaserPrism that fires a rainbow spectrum of lasersLeap FrogTank hops around blasting enemy tank with laser beamsCluster BombsBombs burst into tons of miniature homing rocketsShowdownLifts both tanks to the top of the screen, eye to eyeCorkscrewCreates a jagged pit with bouncy wallsBooster RocketPowerful rocket launches your tank through the airHedgeVines grow sideways on impact, blocking the skyQuicksandDestabilizes the terrain, allowing tanks to sink inLaser TracerTracer for weapons that are unaffected by gravityShock WaveElectrifies ground, zapping and bouncing tanks aroundGummy WormsBurst up through ground, creating bouncy glue wormsJump RopeTwo streams of bouncy bullets unroll from warheadSuper FunnelMissile drops from on high, building a funnel around tankBunkerBuilds bouncy dome, then tunnels the tank undergroundIce CrushSupercooled terrain turns into a huge dry ice bombLiquid NitrogenLiquified gas skitters about and freezes tanks before boiling offFlash FreezeIce crystals burst forth then shatter into millions of piecesAvalancheBoulders made of snow knock tanks downhillSnow DriftSoft fluffy snow blows in the wind and sticks to tanksBonfireRoast 'em like a marshmallowEruptionPillars of fire blast tanks into the airBlazeSlashes of fire burn holes in terrain and tanksHeat LampKeeps opponent toasty like your favorite friesZingerThe most tenacious weapon ever createdSpace CannonCalls down an epic laser beam from outer spacePulsarBouncy bullet that emits magnetic particle burstsScramblerBolts of blue energy chase & sizzle tanksLaser GrenadeLaser light show with opponent at center stageGyrobotsSwarm of robotic warheads follow the leaderBadgerRapidly digs holes and throws dirt everywherePot o' GoldNo leprechaun at the end of this rainbowCrackdownJagged blasts underground erode the dirt aboveGlacierACME instant ice age in a canPaddle BallRed bouncy ball tethers itself to other tankTidal WaveSurfs up, I hope you brought your boogie boardPounderHeavy bullets pound deep into the groundFrostbiteForest of ice crystals freeze tanks to the groundExplode-a-TronFrom launch to impact, this thing explodesExcavatorDigs a wide trench into the terrain, plus damagePlasma OrbZap 'em and trap 'em! A colorful attack with the wrath of Tesla.Bubble GunAn epic bubble blowing toy that has gone to the wild side.Star CruiserRaces along the ground, filling the heavens with stars.Lock BoxSend the tank flying and lock it in a tiny bouncy box.Carbon CrawlerTwisting pillars of burnt carbon trap and ensnare.Energy SpikeCreeping, crawling weapon that will reach out and shock you!Laser NetYour supermarket scanner never did this, don't look right at it!Tachyon BeamAn unexpected, unstoppable onslaught of exotic particles.Fire WallA super heated wall of flames burns down to a pile of ash.Freeze RayEvery mad genius has one, now you can add it to your arsenal.BuzzbotsA remotely-controlled swarm of relentless nanites.WildfireGoodness gracious, whirling balls of fire!Robotic WormA mechanized military grade worm, with lasers - OW!Hot SpringDeep from the terrain come pumping geysers of boiling hot water.Mirror BallGet down tonight with this bouncing ball of destruction