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PK XD: The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Playing Your Own Games

Parents need to know that PK XD - Explore the Universe is a virtual world for kids to explore and customize. Kids create avatars, which are fully customizable in a rainbow of skin colors. When kids make their user profile they aren't allowed to use real names, or names that could be suggestive or offensive. Other players can request to friend kids, and kids can accept or decline a request. However, any other player, friend or not, can enter anyone's home. The chat option is pre-set: Kids have to choose from certain words or phrases, or use emojis. There's some potty humor in the chat options, including a poop emoji that makes a fart sound. Ads appear occasionally throughout unless kids make an in-app purchase to get rid of them. Coins allow kids to furnish their home, dress their avatar, buy food, and so on. Kids earn coins by playing or watching video ads, or they can buy coins through in-app purchases. Kids don't have to register to play, but if theys use an email address to create an account, they can log in and play from multiple devices. Links in the "News" section takes kids out of PK XD - Explore the Universe to YouTube where they watch user-created videos of avatars exploring and playing in the app. Read the developer's privacy policy for details on how your (or your kids') information is collected, used, and shared and any choices you may have in the matter, and note that privacy policies and terms of service frequently change.

pk xd

Kids start PK XD - EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE by choosing a name (not their real name or anything the developers mark as inappropriate) and then design their avatar's skin, hair, and outfit. Some options cost in-app coins, which kids earn by playing every day and completing missions -- like delivering a pizza or gathering fruit. They can buy coins, too, with real money, which also disables ads. They then move on to their house where they can decorate and upgrade as well as visit other player's homes. There's also a school, a playground, and a huge pool to visit. Kids can chat with other players using pre-set phrases and emojis. If kids add friends to their list, it's easier to find them when they're both online.

This safer-for-kids virtual world has lots to explore and customize, but there are purchases. Kids who are interested in virtual worlds should easily find plenty to in PK XD - Explore the Universe. There are a variety of settings to hang out in, from schools and parks and towns. And there's lots to decorate, like outfits and homes. There are also lots of opportunities to make in-app purchases: Parents should be prepared to handle requests to spend real money. PK XD - Explore the Universe's restrictions on chat might frustrate kids, but the canned, pre-set language is a safe way to let them communicate. For example, kids can ask, "Where are you from?" but replies are limited to continents. It's disappointing that any user can enter your virtual home, but the limits on chat options helps make that more annoying than unsafe. Closing out of the app is tricky the first time, but kids just need to swipe from the line at the bottom of the screen. Given that virtual playgrounds are popular with kids, but aren't always safe spaces, PK XD - Explore the Universe strikes a good balance between creative exploration and safety.

Families can talk about guidelines for adding "friends" in games like PK XD - Explore the Universe. Ask why the developer set it up so that kids can't chat in full conversations, what they can learn from that. Read our article on online playgrounds.

Who doesn't like free in-game items and upgrades? Well, with PK XD codes, you'll be able to secure yourself some pretty insane boosts for your adventures. PK XD is an extremely popular mobile game and these codes are likely to be updated on a regular basis with milestones being hit frequently.

Below, we'll provide you with all the active PK XD codes as well as all of the expired ones just in case you want to test them out. We'll also detail how to redeem them so stick to the end to ensure you're able to get all of your goodies in no time.

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Here is what you are looking for, a full list of active PK XD codes. These codes usually take the form of gems, and you really can't say no to free gifts, can you? Here are all the active PK XD codes:

When a player start playing for the first time, they get 7000 coins and 15 gems. Players can choose a character, play minigames, share photos on Youni, decorate your house, get pets, buy vehicles, swim in the lake, participate in events and festivals, make friends, and more.

PK XD was founded by Afterverse Games on June 20, 2019. A drawing of lots of trees was the original concept of the game and had nothing major. It was officially launched on July 11, 2019 and the game became incredible.

In 2022, the game finally opened the new Pet Shop door, which was a lab which we can merge three pets of the same species at max level to mutate them, This was designed to make PK XD pet lovers happy. In February 2022, PK XD launched vehicles, which people can enjoy riding. Some obstacles and a skate park was launched as well, so players can try out their vehicles.

This wiki was created to give information about PKXD and it's gameplay and features. You can help out with our 55 articles and 117 files in this wiki. Help improving it by editing a page or uploading a file!

For users who wish to customize their avatars, the game provides two options in the first loot box: Neon QT, with vibrant and colorful clothes, and Punk Boi, for those who fancy a more rebel-rocker style.

In the second loot box, available for purchase in the game, you can collect outfits of the famous and beloved Queen Bee and King Bee. There is also the exclusive cyber armor of the Arcade Heroes collection, with V.R. Dude outfit.

PK XD game has already reached 50 million monthly active users around the world. Through a protected online chat feature, available on its platform for users only, it is possible to have conversations with people from multiple countries and locations. With the partnership, the keywords LOL and OMG! were added to this chat, along with over 1,250 pre-defined phrases and emojis that allow immediate translation into several languages, promoting safe communication between players of various nationalities.

Afterverse is a game developer and publisher, inspired to create universes able to knock down physical, cultural, and social boundaries. Born brave, the company started as an innovation cell within the renowned Movile Group, with the purpose of delivering electronic games to be remembered by generations to come! To achieve that, it combines high-tech, innovation and entertainment, offering games of which a main priority is fair play in a safe and non-toxic environment. Today, it already gathers 50M monthly players having fun all over the world. Constantly updating, Afterverse aims to engage even more people of all ages and interests, connecting global communities. To learn more, please visit:

Do you ever wish you could have your own special virtual pet by combining two different kinds? In PK XD, you and your pet will have a blast! And more than that, the better you care for your pet, the more fantastic an animal it can become.

BlueStacks lets you master PK XD: Fun, friends & games with useful features like the Repeated Tap. Now you do not have to press the same key repeatedly to initiate an action. Just assign it to one key and you are good to go.

Improve your gaming experience with BlueStacks. The app player is capable of reducing RAM consumption by up to 50% while simultaneously increasing resolution to UHD 2160p. Play smoothly at the resolution of your choosing.

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PK XD is a dynamic and enthusiastic playground filled with activities, challenges, and great moments to relax and enjoy everything with your friends. The accompanying events will also dramatically change the atmosphere and countless worlds to immerse you in fun and challenge your friends in various innovative games.

The game will widely adopt the vehicle system in many worlds, and you will have access to many funny, lovely, and funny vehicles. The visual and sound effects that come with the vehicles are fun and contribute to amusing the atmosphere around you for everyone to enjoy. You can also customize the vehicles with multiple attachments and make them have a variety of eye-catching or adorable looks to drive around and show off to everyone energetically proudly.

Pets are also lovely companions throughout your experience, and they come in various exotic designs or looks for you to enjoy interacting with. That comes with a pet costume system and extensive interactivity, and you can change the pet type or merge a new species. Many players love their pets so much that they don expensive or similar-themed outfits, proudly rolling on the road and showing off their adorable friendships with everyone in the city.


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