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Paste is a combination of a brazing or soldering alloy that has been manufactured into a very fine powder, a suitable flux for the application, and a neutral liquid binder that holds everything together in a moderately thick paste.

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I am trying to rework a partially written score (treble clef melody with lyrics and two-staff piano accompaniment). There are several time signature changes in the current version and I want to see if it would work better in straight 4/4. I am using the untitled workspace for the new version and it contains only a single treble staff at this point. I click the first note of the melody, use the select all similar on the same staff option to select all the notes of the melody (they all turn blue), and choose one of the copy methods (menu or CTRL C). I then switch to the untitled workspace, click the first measure and choose one of the paste methods. Nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

This is exactly it. A "list" selection - a bunch of selected elements that may or may not be contiguous - generally can't be copied/pasted. After all, what would it mean to copy a selection of one note from measure 13, another from measure 27, and another from measure 101? In order to copy/paste, you need a range selection. 041b061a72


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